Author Ramit Sethi has developed something he calls “The Seagull Theory.”  It is a useful little device to remind you to pay attention.  In the olden times, sailors would pay attention to the seabirds they saw and would know if they spotted certain birds, such as seagulls, then they were getting close to land.  One gull might not mean that much, two meant it was more likely but three times was more likely still.

Similarly, if one person says that you are good at something (or for that matter that you need to attend to something) they maybe mistaken, but if several people notice and comment on the same thing then there is something that warrants thinking about and following up on.  It seems likely that you have a skill, or issue that you should attend to.  If it is a negative thing then at the very least you have a communication or perception issue to deal with.  If it is a positive, it might indicate a direction that is worth travelling in and exploring.  This is especially so when you consider how poor most people are at giving feedback, so unsolicited comments should be mined and examined.

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