Successfully start difficult conversations – 3

We all occasionally need to have difficult conversations, be they at work or at home, and as we know or fear that they will be ‘difficult’ we tend to brace and tense ourselves up against the anticipated backdraft.  This is always a bad way to begin, so this is the third in this small series of  of hints and tips on how to do this more successfully.

It is natural, having dived off the high board, to want to keep on going till you reach the end.  However, you have probably been thinking about this for sometime, and they may need a little time to catch-up with you.  Sometimes, it really is a case of more haste, less speed.  You might say something like “I’d like to talk to you about getting X done; I’d like you to give it some thought and we can discuss it tomorrow.”  If you feel they are a getting defensive, perhaps suggest you take a short break, get a coffee, have a pee, take a walk or whatever, just to create a little space and distance.                           


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