A different point-of-view

I was out walking last weekend, and our walk brought us back to town from a direction that was new to me.  I really enjoyed seeing it from a whole new perspective, laid out before me, looking at it from the opposite hill. I was then struck by the idea that here I was stimulated by seeing the landscape from a new viewpoint, and then realising when I get into a disagreement with someone it was different.  It was a little light-bulb moment.  Why shouldn’t I be just as stimulated to look at something from someone else’s viewpoint as a bit of landscape?  The answer is obvious… I like being right as much as anyone, or perhaps it is I dislike being wrong.  However, shifting to the position of simply enriching myself by enjoying a different point-of-view is a win for everyone.  I may end up in the same place, but my journey is so much more pleasant for everyone…. Just a thought. 

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