Code keys & Communication

Today I got round to setting up security on our home network (at long last!)  Theoretically easy but fiddly when you are dealing with 3 operating systems and multiple machines and wifi cards.  I had to try multiple combinations before I found a setting that worked reasonably on them all.  For those of you who are even less technical than me it works by sharing a code key between the router and the computers. This allows them to unscramble the meaning of the data they are exchanging.

It seemed to me that in groups of people there are similar exchanges whereby you need the key to really understand what is being said.  We sometimes use this system to exclude strangers, kids do it to parents all the time!  The trouble is that where as PCs know that they don’t have the right key and tell you, people just nod and allow you to carry on transmitting in the hope they will unscramble your meaning.  You leave thinking that you have just communicated with them, but they are are far less clear.I often find that this kind of scrambled communication is at the root of many of the problems I deal with.

So if it is important, take the time to make sure that they received the message that you think you transmitted….

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”    George Bernard Shaw

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