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I bought a nifty little gadget which looks like and performs the function of a radio, but uses the functionality of the Internet to collect the ‘signal’, so you can pick up over 10,000 stations.  It is a bit like a DAB radio in as much as you have additional functionality, so that you can access services like the BBC’s listen again service.You can search for stations by location or by genre, so for example you can listen to a Cuban station or an Australian one or a Blues one or a Talk one.  I have found stations dedicated to solely the Beatles or Queen.  I can listen to the control tower at JFK or the Miami police radio.  It is an intriguing window into so many strange worlds.

One of the the things I have been listening to is series of stations that broadcast non-stop stand-up comedians, mainly American.  The interesting thing is the insight that one gains into how others see and experience the world.  These people talk in the most uninhibited way about all sorts of things that are normally regarded as deeply private.  It is extraordinary to have this ‘window’ into others brains / lives.

The thing is that people, who though superficially similar to us, are much more complex than they appear.  They can be motivated and interested in very different things. If we explore, if we listen, ask questions, we can gain insights into what motivates and inhibits those people we work with or live with. Realising that others have hidden depths that we need to explore if we want to understand them is half the battle.  After all, you can’t motivate people you don’t understand.   So take the time to tune into the people around you and see what you can pick up… I guarantee it will be fascinating! 

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”  William Morris

“It’s not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on.”   Marilyn Monroe

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  1. jackie_w says:

    Why is it so much easier to tune into strangers than those we think we know well – is it perhaps that we think we know them well and so don’t need to ask, is it laziness, is it that we don’t want to know more, is it that we don’t realise the signal has moved and re-tuning would improve the sound?

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