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Business lessons from Rock Gods?

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Apparently the latest corporate ‘thing’ to try and make training sexy, is lessons from former rock stars such as Ian Gillian, from Deep Purple, and Bernie Tormé, from Ozzy Osourne’s band.  I know that the likes of (sir) Mick Jagger & Gene Simmonds have shrewd business brains.  Peter Cook, an MBA graduate and author, runs these events and is apparently held in some regard by business academics.

His top tips are:

  1. Walk on the Wild Side Encourage mavericks if you want new things to happen.
  2. Reasons to Be Cheerful Staff like being listened to, doing things that count and feedback.
  3. I Can’t Control Myself Creativity without discipline rarely leads to innovation.
  4. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For Strategy is a process of continuous learning. If you stop, you may disappear.
  5. I Fought the Law You can have a good argument with colleagues, but once it’s settled, move on, don’t harbour grudges.

I can’t say I find much new here, but they are worth remembering… I guess my main interest is that we can all learn from any source if we look with the right eyes and stay open.  There is a huge tendency to look upwards and inwards, when I find looking out and sometimes down is so much more revealing