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Leadership & different points of view

Friday, October 9th, 2015

I was watching Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year, and once more was entranced by the talent of view and the sheer diversity of talent and techniques used.  We saw about ten different artists all with the same brief come up with ten entirely different paintings.  It maybe this doesn’t (and shouldn’t) surprise you.  However, I’m currently confronted with a business that has a group of bright people who will all benefit from its success coming up with very different versions of the way forward. 

The thing is that in business we tend to feel that there is one right way forward and it is the job of the strong leader to identify it and drive the others towards it.  What if it was more similar to the artistic challenge and there were a number of viable, equally valid paths to success and it was the job of the leader to find the way through the maze that elicited the greatest commitment and support?