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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

It is impossible at this time of year not to notice the change of season, the leaves on the ground, the nip in the air.  I certainly am all too aware of my body responding to this as it tries to tell me it is time to hibernate.  As human animals we are still very affected by these cyclic changes in our environment, despite our ingenuity and its ability to insulate us from the cold and the dark.  However all this makes me reflect on the importance in taking account of timing where we are in the various business and economic cycles when trying to introduce change.  If you do not take account of both the external environment and that which pertains to your own business then you are far less likely to succeed.  The key is always to start from where you actually are and build your bridge out to where you wish to get to.  This involves taking sometime to actually take stock of your current position / state in terms of resources, morale, skills, capability etc. so you know what help you require in order to succeed.  All too often this vital step is skipped as “we don’t have time” and the knowledge is assumed…

“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”  William Blake