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Nature abhors a vacuum

Monday, July 21st, 2008

My plans for an easy day were scuppered by the necessity to assume my wife’s tasks as well as my own; chauffeur, handyman, gardener, chef, personal shopper and nurse.  Up at 6.20, shifting stuff in the attic, then off to take daughter No1 to work, then collect daughter No2 from the garage, then her friend from the station, drop them at work, then Homebase; followed by at stint in the garden strimming and pruning, make lunch, collect Daughter no 2, Sainsburys, then after a crafty cuppa, off to collect No 1 child, collect No 2’s car, and home in time to prepare supper!  Before anyone else says it, I know I’d make a lousy Mum!

It is strange how our time can be taken up like this.  In this case it was down to illness, but Life often finds ways of just sucking time out of our days.  It particularly happens when there are things that you feel you need to do but deep down don’t want to face.  If you are finding yourself caught up in this ‘make-work syndrome’, it might be worth asking yourself, what it is you could be avoiding?

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”  Virginia Woolf