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A lesson in patience from my wife

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Long ago, when I was little, ladies played patience.  My mother used to play with a paired pack of miniature cards sold for just this purpose and I learnt from her.  The younger generation will recognise this as the ever-present Solitaire installed on every Windows computer.  We have all played it occasionally when sufficiently bored at work. 

However the way it crept under my skin was my wife’s habit of playing it on a small and rather aged Casio handheld computer.  It is left lying around in the place where folks need to linger and so gets played quite a lot.  Over the years it has taught me a thing or two that I thought worth sharing:-

  • That just because a game starts well doesn’t mean that you will ‘win’
  • Conversely, an unpromising start can work out very nicely
  • Sometimes you have to remove a card you have got out in order to unlock the board.  In other words, not all progress is linear and sometimes one needs to retreat to go forwards
  • If you can’t move anywhere you have lost
  • Delaying putting a card down can be a smart non-move

What have you learnt about life from games? 

“Patience is a virtue,

Possess it if you can,

Seldom found in woman,

Never found in man!”


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A bird brained Idea? [video blog]

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

I’d be very interested in your feedback on the value of video blogs please!

A Question of Pace

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Sometimes I have noticed that it isn’t that the ‘wrong’ things are happening, simply that they are either happening too fast or too slow for us.  I’m not sure which is more challenging.  Too slow and we get impatient and try to force things to happen; too fast and we go into overwhelm.  Dealing with Change is a much a matter of getting the pace right as much as the sequence.

Champion athletes are lucky enough to have access  to a pace setter, we don’t have this luxury, so we have to master the twin arts of waiting patiently, and the stress of handling it when it comes at us from every direction at the same time.  I think one key is trust.  Trusting the Universe to give us what we need, and trusting our own ability to handle what it chucks at us.  After all, as Nietzsche observed “that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

At the moment I seem to be having to deal with both extremes at the same time!  Some elements are  just taking forever to work out and I find myself wondering if I have, somehow, got it wrong; and at the same time, the other day I was inundated in a sh1tstorm of epic proportions!  And today, the pendulum seems to have swung back to its middle position. 

Do you have any helpful strategies in dealing with the pace when it gets out of hand?

“It is always the simple things that change our lives. And these things never happen when you are looking for them to happen. Life will reveal answers at the pace life wishes to do so. You feel like running, but life is on a stroll. This is how God does things.”   Donald Miller


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