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My Twitter lessons .. No 6 (what are you Twittering on about?!)

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

I seem to remember my mother saying “What are you twittering on about?” when I was young and she was harassed.  This usually happened when I was gabbling away nineteen to the dozen.  Too much noise and not enough information!  That kind of sums up my Twitter dilemma.  I’m finding it hard to contact / spot / engage the real person amidst the snow storm of noise that scrolls down my screen. 

Occasionally something real happens and and it is like a little ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds.  I’m sure many of the people I’m connected with are well intentioned, intelligent even interesting folks, but it isn’t that easy to find that much evidence of it in their outpourings. 

If you are wondering what to say in answer to the perennial question   “What are you doing?” here is what I’d be interested in seeing:-

  • Something that lets me see who you are
  • Something that shows me you know what you are talking about
  • Something that amuses me, engages me, entertains me
  • Something that helps me
  • Something that educates me

What I don’t want is:-

  • Any offers to get thousands of followers
  • You to sell to me
  • Free offers that are as useful as McDonalds happy meal toys

I’ll allow others to judge how well I’m managing to find this balance, but I got a lovely compliment yesterday from someone whose opinion I value that suggested I’m making progress.

I’d love to hear what you think makes a successful tweet.

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