“In the womb”…. you have to see this!

If you have Sky (especially Sky+) you simply have to see “In the Womb”, on National Geographic.  It is simply the most extraordinary nature programme I have seen.  The photography and the scientific insight is utterly extraordinary.  It is one of those programmes that simply makes you wonder about the mystery of creation.  The complexity and inter-connectivity of Life is amazing.  In truth I find myself running out of hyperboles to express this.

The programme follows the conception, gestation and birth of a kangaroo, a wasp, a shark and a penguin.  Each one’s life-cycle is amazing; when you listen to all four it is literally awe-inspiring. 

Do watch and wonder at the miracle of Life.  It also got me wondering if the journey we take before we are born, and in order to be born, is so epic that it seems to counter-balance our life after our births.

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