You don’t know what you have till it is gone…

I did something I seldom do today, I left home without my watch.  I spent the rest of the day glancing at my bare wrist, and feeling daft.  I guess most of the time I normally look at it, I am hardly even aware of it, yet when it isn’t there I am hyper-aware.  I wonder if there is anything that you might really miss if it wasn’t there and if this thought should trigger some action…..

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4 Responses to “You don’t know what you have till it is gone…”

  1. A thought provoking post Richard – I guess it’s fair to say that we rarely fully appreciate what we have and take much for granted. I for one am thinking hard now about showing my appreciation more readily and doing what I should be doing.

    Warmest regards

    Graham Bunting 07836 389389

  2. Thanks for this thoughtful comment Graham, I was very much hoping for something in this vein

  3. Peter Ayers says:

    I’m with Graham above – personal loss is devastating – you think about the person daily & only time makes the hurt fade.

    We’re thinking of starting our own family equivalent of the American’s “Thanksgiving” where we’ll meet up over a lovely meal at ours, share presents & let each other know how much we mean to each other.

    It’ll probably be mid-year & I’m not contacting Hallmark to suggest a card!

    Best wishes,


    Peter Ayers

  4. Peter,
    I think that is such a good idea. I lost my father a few years back now and recognise what you are saying. I hope your action brings you all closer and makes you all feel more loved and appreciated. Thank you

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