Regular readers will know that I have recently been installing filtration into our pond.   It is one of those jobs that is conceptually very simple, but the devil is the detail!  It requires quite a lot of skill to ensure that it not only works but looks nice too.  It pumps in the dirty water through a clever array of mechanical and biological filters to remove not only the solids in suspension but to convert the waste products of the fish into harmless nitrogen.

The interesting things is that we all filter our world, all the time!  If there is something we are interested in, we can hear someone mention it from across the room; the opposite action this is to remove things that we find troubling, we literally don’t hear / see  them.  This is a very useful function of our brains but can be dangerous.  I have read that the native Americans were unable to see Columbus’ ships when they arrived as they had no concept that such a thing could exist.

Awareness of this process is helpful and gives us some choices about how we handle our communication.  What might you be filtering in or out today?

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  1. I read this today earlier and this question triggered something for me, thank you Richard….

    I came to the conclusion that I indeed filter and therefore had not taken the necesary action to get a project up and running, so I just turned the filter to Off (after reading the blog again)….made the posting finally and within 3 min. I got an reply… a lesson learned today, we need to be aware of our filters….and luckily we have Richard to reminded us. Thank you Richard!

  2. I’m so glad to read this Cornelis… well done!

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