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Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Regular readers will know that I have recently been installing filtration into our pond.   It is one of those jobs that is conceptually very simple, but the devil is the detail!  It requires quite a lot of skill to ensure that it not only works but looks nice too.  It pumps in the dirty water through a clever array of mechanical and biological filters to remove not only the solids in suspension but to convert the waste products of the fish into harmless nitrogen.

The interesting things is that we all filter our world, all the time!  If there is something we are interested in, we can hear someone mention it from across the room; the opposite action this is to remove things that we find troubling, we literally don’t hear / see  them.  This is a very useful function of our brains but can be dangerous.  I have read that the native Americans were unable to see Columbus’ ships when they arrived as they had no concept that such a thing could exist.

Awareness of this process is helpful and gives us some choices about how we handle our communication.  What might you be filtering in or out today?

Pond Life?

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

I have always wanted a pond since I was a little boy; I remember being fascinated by one my grandfather had.  Eventually, once our kids were old enough for it to be safe, my son and I built one and it gives me huge pleasure every day.  I was recently given a number of beautiful fish and had to upgrade the filtration to handle these new fish.  The thing is that fish generate waste that poisons the water and you need to make sure that there are enough plants and microbes to convert the waste from poisonous ammonia into harmless nitrogen.

When you gather  people together in close proximity they also generate ‘stuff’ that needs processing and you need to create a healthy environment and systems to handle this.  You need to provide space, time and opportunity for them to communicate both their good ideas and their peeves.  In a properly balanced team environment the bits that one person leaves behind will be picked up by others.  One person’s weakness will be balanced by another’s strengths.  As a leader, you have to take responsibility for creating an environment in which your people can thrive….

“Language screens reality as a filter on a camera lens screens light waves”

“It is your human environment that makes climate”   Mark Twain