When you are up to your ar$e in alligators…

… it is hard to remember that your plan was to drain the swamp!  I spent this afternoon on a mission to rehome some fish including a large koi.  I arrived to discover about a thousand litres of green sludge, the colour of pea soup but somewhat less fragrant!  There was no way to see the fish let alone catch them, so we had to ‘drain the swamp’.  Bucket-by-bucket, I bailed out this pond till we could rescue the fish. 

Sometimes one just has to drain the swamp even when one is up to one’s backside in gators!  It is hard to step back; it is hard to remember ones strategic focus but one of the jobs of a real leader is to help people maintain their strategic focus.  If it is you that is in the swamp, then it is doubly important.

 “Our thoughts create our reality — where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.”   Peter McWilliams

“Focus on your potential instead of your limitations”  Alan Loy McGinnis

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5 Responses to “When you are up to your ar$e in alligators…”

  1. Maurice Poole says:

    If our thoughts create our reality, then the remedy to being in there up to [there] in alligators is not to think about them. Preposterous. All we can do to “change our reality” is to change our perception of reality, and hence our mental model thereof. If you see what I mean. Is that what McWilliams meant, I wonder?

  2. Maurice,
    Obviously we can’t make our problems go away simply by ignoring them. However, as you say, our attitudes, and our feelings about the challenges that we face do make a big difference. Mental models are extremely powerful and very important

  3. Maurice Poole says:

    I agree, and like the model you linked in too. Thanks very much. Permission to use it please, with proper citation?

  4. Please do… I find it very helpful too

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