At this time of year a lot of people are thinking about New Year Resolutions, and I have to say I am not very interested in them.  You may find this surprising for someone who is so interested in Change, but I don’t find that many of them outlast the hangovers that also are typical of this season.  I don’t think many of us change when we decide or want to, but rather when we are ready to.  It is more akin to plants shooting when the conditions are right than anything else, and like these tender buds we need the conditions to support us in our growth.  And as my very wise and beautiful wife reminds me, “Change can only germinate in the heart” 

So, I am not going to ask you to think about resolutions, but rather “Does it feel time for a change?  If so, what might that be?”  

I know that for me things are changing in many ways both subtle and otherwise.  My work seems to have entered a new phase; I am being asked to work with and for new people.  I seem to be spending much more of my time in 1:1 conversations with leaders helping them think things through.  Several initiatives that I ‘planted’ a long time ago seem to be bearing fruit.  My writing has changed a little and I am certainly doing more of it than I have for a long time (as this blog evidences!)

There has been personal stuff too, which for me is the essential kernel of all Change, as I have embarked on some rather esoteric explorations, which while defying all neat, rational analysis seem also to be working.  This in itself is an interesting little lesson for someone who likes to be able to analyse and understand before committing.  Sometimes you have to just try it, trust and see.

So what are you noticing that is changing in your life?  What old hurts are you now able to release and make space for something better?  I urge you to be brave, and against the urgings of that scared little cynic that lives within our brain, do it anyway!


“New Year’s Day… now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.” Mark Twain

“A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.”  Anon



  1. carole_c says:

    Thought provoking blog. Change can be a frightening event for some people and something that we do not easily adapt to. 2 years ago I had to change from a wife with a 19 year old daughter and a certain amount of freedom to work the hours I wanted and come and go as work demanded, to being virtually the single carer for father in law and dealing with the family ‘stuff’ that came out of that. Certainly change and a little frustrating with challenging outcomes and where did the patience come from? From being know as a restful and impulsive person to the ‘rock’ that was expected to know all things medical and to be able to deal with the repetitive conversations that come with memory loss was certainly a life changing situation. And to having to calm other people when they get frustrated that the poor chap cannot remember things that are important to them.

    However, it made me stop and evaluate the time spent on particular work tasks and to operate on a much more time efficient way of working.

    Now I can look back and think yes you can cope with change in whatever guise it appears and it is nothing to fear but just something to adapt to making you a stronger person for it.

  2. carole_c says:

    Thanks Richard,
    Positively I moved out of an office to the spare bedroom to work, which in itself has given me a lot of PR coverage locally, as it was all done to cut down on travelling etc, etc and ties in with the home working theme that is very big in this area.

    Personally it taught me not to dwell on things and how they used to be done or should have been done. It has made the family slightly more self sufficient and sharing than in the past, every body has to use the duster or hoover and not just me. We collaborate to get things done more quickly both in the house and on the farm. We certainly make the most of the spare time we get to sit in the front room and try to watch a film etc, before we fall asleep!!! So, in answer to your question, there have been some positives for us all.

  3. That all sounds very challenging and most have been very tough for you. You bring up a very good point, because, mostly I am mostly working with people who are choosing to Change, and you represent those of us who are forced by circumstances to accept it. It sounds like to did a good job. Where there any positive legacies for you and your family from this?

  4. Thank your for sharing this; I hope that inspires others to overcome too.

    Sometimes the Universe just seems to want to reroute us doesn’t it?

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