Social Media Entrepreneur’s Interviews No2 – Sarah Arrow

This is the second in this series of interviews.  I can think of few people who have taken to using social media more successfully than Sarah.  Indeed it has been so natural, that i wonder if she realises how big a change it really represents?

Name: Sarah Arrow               Twitter name: @Essex_courier

What is your main Change challenge at present?

Sarah: Our main challenge at present is one of  change regarding the managing processes that we use. My personal challenge is deciding whether to remain in transport and continue with the courier business that I work in with my partner and husband, Kev or whether to go back and work in recruitment for the harder to help.

What is your strategy for dealing with it?

Sarah: We are undertaking a historical review of the processes and working out whether they are essential to the business, this is a very time consuming process. We opted for this method of review as it’s more thorough.

Are you using social media as part of that strategy, if so, how?

Sarah: Not for this particular change project, but we use social media extensively

What is your top Change tip?

Sarah: Resistance is futile…  🙂 Change happens in all businesses and it’s how you deal with it that makes the difference. Pretending everything is going to stay the same will just get you stuck and that won’t benefit you or your business. In fact it will hold you back.

What role does emotion / intuition play when you dealing with Change?

Sarah: I get very passionate about certain aspects of the business and when that happens I have to take a step (or three) back and think about whether I am achieving what I want. Kev (husband and work partner) is far more controlled emotionally and his intuition is very good.

Do you ever find Change brings unexpected gifts?

Sarah: Oh yes, that’s the best thing about change 🙂 the change in our marketing from offline to online has brought us a consistent stream of work, so that was a gift. We are looking at doing more offline networking again and that is already starting to look really good and that was totally unexpected.

What thing best symbolises Change for you and why?

Sarah: A snow globe, you shake it and it looks different but underneath the snowflakes everything is still there.

PS>  I want to thank Sarah for her idea of doing this series of interviews… just another example of her innovative use of social media

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11 Responses to “Social Media Entrepreneur’s Interviews No2 – Sarah Arrow”

  1. Going through immense changes myself, it’s refreshing to read interviews with people learning about and sharing how they handle it. Great idea Richard, and great interview Sarah.

  2. Thanks Amanda; I wish you luck in your own process. I’d love to hear some more about it

  3. I love these interviews because they’re helping me see that’s it’s not so bad being an Intuitive in the business world. I always score an N when doing the MBTI and it made me think that I couldn’t be successful in the business.

    It just goes to show what limiting beliefs can do to our business.

    I would have loved to hear more about how Sarah uses social media!

  4. Jeff, I’m glad you are finding these helpful. As another N, I can tell you that an important element in my own personal journey has been learning to accept and trust my intuition

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  6. Sarah Arrow says:

    Thank you for taking the time to interview me Richard, much appreciated.

    Thank you more so for clarifying some of my own thought processes.


  7. I’m glad this was helpful Sarah. it is amazing how powerful a few questions can be

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