Social Media Entrepreneur’s Interviews No3 – Ces Loftus

Name: Ces Loftus          Twitter name:@Ces_Creatively

What is your main Change challenge at present?

Over the last 6 months or so I have done a lot of embracing change. I run Creatively Minded Design with my husband Jay and due to the economic down turn a lot of small businesses in the genre that we had previously worked with were cutting right down on their design and marketing expenditure or cutting it out altogether. However, the current financial climate means there is actually even more benefit to standing out from competitors with a professional business image and a consistent clear message.. Our business has done just that and evolved to really focus on the angle we can deliver the strongest benefits in and now the challenge remains in opening the eyes of other business owners..

What is your strategy for dealing with it?

The approach I have to helping fellow business owners to understand the rewards that from focusing on the right product or service for the right target market. I have written articles and blogs, started groups, I also help people with a business image health check, identifying their best products and target market, and attracting the right customers., ensuring you don’t risk damaging your great business reputation by not looking professional.

Are you using social media as part of that strategy, if so, how?

Yes, Social Media a provides a great platform for connecting with fellow business owners. Ecademy is a good network for blogging and sharing knowledge. I use Twitter to Tweet direct tips and links to really constructive articles. I have also recently started introducing many of my Twitter followers to the benefit of having a professionally branded twitter profile background in order to stand out on twitter and get more followers. Your twitter profile background can be used to display a clear message about what you do, perhaps display a short testimonial to show your credibility and raise brand awareness through the use of your logo, slogan and business colours. Having a professional image that stands out instead of a generic background will help potential followers to identify you as someone who is confident in the value of their business and is worth following.

What is your top Change tip?

Sometimes change comes as a result of something we have had our hearts set on and been planning and working towards for some time. Other times change is something that is just thrust upon us by circumstance and it may not have been part of our plans at all. My top change tip is to embrace change. Even if at the time it looks like a change for the worse, with the right attitude and drive all change can bring about something good one way or another. The way we experience and deal with change shapes us as people and defines the path we are taking to move on. The way we accept, understand and use change to our advantage in business can catapult us to realising a new and exciting business potential we did not even realise we had.

What role does emotion / intuition play when you dealing with Change?

Change undoubtedly pulls at emotional strings. Change can be scary. Change can really shake things up and mean you need to take a step back, take a deep breath and re think the direction you are going in. This is true on both personal and business levels alike. I have seen many clients who have been reluctant and resistant to change their business image at all when I first started working with them. They had a set idea about what they liked visually and that is how they had been doing business for some time. They saw change as a risk and not the opportunity for business development and influencing sales growth that it actually was. I worked with them to help them understand that their business image was not just a pretty picture and was a part of their business reputation. Then their intuition kicked in and together we tweaked their business image, keeping a consistent clear message throughout applications so their ideal high margin clients would very quickly see the value in doing business with them.

Do you ever find Change brings unexpected gifts?

Yes change can bring unexpected gifts. Many of the professionals I have worked with have found the changes we made to their business image have not only succeeded in immediately attracting the ideal category of clients they wanted but they have caught the attention of even bigger fish and won significant contracts because they were now being taken more seriously and were getting noticed for the right reasons.

A gift I have personally received as a result of our business embracing change and focusing on developing a business image advantages for clients is in several projects I am delighted to be working on at the moment. Due to the success we have been having and steady flow of work from people who understand the value we add to their business, I am in a position where I can afford lessen the pressure on the business accelerator pedal a little and give some time advice and design work to some worthy causes as gifts in kind.

What thing best symbolises Change for you and why?

In life often little changes can add up to make a big difference.

Changing the way we live, reducing water waste, saving electric, recycling, meat free days and so on. Small changes in our work life balance to make more time for family and enjoying life is very meaningful too. From a work perspective, I advise clients daily that making small changes here and there within their business image can have dramatic and wonderful results.

I embrace change now and I know in business, that in opening clients eyes to the changes that will help them develop their business image and really stand out, good things will come of it.

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4 Responses to “Social Media Entrepreneur’s Interviews No3 – Ces Loftus”

  1. I loved this: “They saw change as a risk and not the opportunity for business development and influencing sales growth that it actually was.”

    I’ve been struggling working with people on this too. It’s the same thing where people are afraid of the economic changes and it’s causing them to run away from challenges rather than meet them head on.

    Surprisingly, it’s the most successful businesses who are guilty of these types of thoughts.

    However, they’re soon going to learn that what they did to become successful now are not necessarily the things they need to do to become more successful.

    There’s something about these interviews that have been bringing up a lot of interesting thoughts for me. Thanks again!

  2. There is a real risk in standing still .. .especially in times like these!

    I’m glad they are helping Jeff; ther should be some more goodies to come!

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