Video Blog: Have you got your Head in the Clouds?

Some thoughts about he nature of clouds and what they tell us about focusing on what is really important

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5 Responses to “Video Blog: Have you got your Head in the Clouds?”

  1. Sam Deeks says:

    Hi Richard, the music made it really difficult to focus on the important thing: you talking 🙂 For me it would work better without. Look forward to hearing more from you

  2. I think I’ll try a remix Sam… thanks for the feedback

  3. Here is a remixed version, minus the photos and music .. for those who prefer it

  4. julia godwin says:

    Some of the thoughts I’ve had over the years about clouds (mostly viewed from a plane!):
    – they look so solid and supportive but you would fall straight through them
    – how flat the top surface is – with one flamboyant burst upwards showcasing itself
    – how they change constantly – no two are the same
    – how they differ at different heights and yet are all the same material – how they can turn into very different things very quickly depending on the circumstances (rain, snow, hail) and how those things fall on us with different speeds/effects (i.e. how we view there arrival – joy at snow… then
    annoyance at the inconvenience etc) … hmm ever worked in organisations!!

  5. Thanks for the thoughts and ideas Julia

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