Organ donation – what they don’t talk about

I have previously written about our choice to try to make something positive from Carys’s untimely death.  It seemed to the only choice we could make.  When I entered that Intensive Care ward, and saw all those beds, each representing a tragedy for another family, when I passed those families in the corridors, how could I not wish that some of them got their prayers answered?

So, even before they turned off the life support we were asked if we would allow organ donation, and I said, unhesitatingly “Yes”.  We got a first letter some 3 weeks later telling me of a 34 yr old lady who had been waiting for 4 yrs who now has a kidney, as a 54 yrs who had been on dialysis for 6 yrs.  Her liver is helping a 64 yrs old man who is married with a family.  A 50 yr married man has her lungs.  Today I learnt that her cornea is allowing a 77 lady to perhaps see her grandchildren, and her aortic valve beats in the chest of a 27 yr old who may find love and joy now she is healthy.

How can we not do this?  How can we not offer this chance to others when we would have given anything for our prayers to be answered?  If you haven’t signed up for organ donation… do it today!

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