Last Will

When you lose someone close to you you are pitched into a place where you have to learn and think about all manner of things that most of us choose to avoid most of the time.  You have to find out how to dispose of a body and think through what should be done with one.  Then there is the forest of legislative red tape you have to swim through …and the forms!!  Once you have been through the process of dealing with their will (or worse still the absence of a will) then inevitably you think about your own.  Many of us wrote our wills many years ago and things change.  Mine was written to protect 3 babies, I now have 3 adults with different needs and issues, so I have begun the process of revising and updating mine.

You have to be made sterner stuff than I not to shed the odd tear when writing this kind of thing.  However, it is a real expression of love and one’s final opportunity to look after those that you care for.  This process makes you think about who and what is important to you and actually the time to do something about both of these is right now.  Why wait till we die to say “I love you!”?  Why wait till it is too late to make time for the people and things that we care about?  I know this is neither a new or an original thought but that does not diminish its truth one whit. In both business and personal lives we waste way too much time on the trivia.  Shifting our time and attention to those things that will bring us either emotional or material ‘wealth’ is one of the keys to success

“Nearly everything you do is of no importance, but it is important that you do it.”  Mohandas Gandhi

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”   Jackie Robinson

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