Roll Call–more comedy lessons in communication

Roll call….PS>> apologies if any adverts come up, they are nothing to do with I-Change!

Rowan Atkinson just stands here reading the register, and with each name the audience laughs louder…. Why?  Although he has obviously chosen some funny words, I’d suggest that there are a number of interesting underlying factors.  Timing is obviously important, as it is in all communication.  However, the key to this gem is that he plays with the audience’s own memories of this situation and builds on them.  In other words he is building rapport and then leading them to laughter. 

If you wish to influence people, and in business we all need and want to do this, then you have to take the time to find out where they are and what they know before you begin communicating.  If you do this, then like Rowan, you can in very few words get them on your side and engaging with you.  Without this it is all just noise and spam.

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