Life Lessons?

I’m not sure if I have any answers today, only a question “Do all Life Lessons have to be learned painfully?” I’d love to hear your thoughts please.

My own memory is selective and so I’m hardly the best point of reference for this kind of thing.  If I think back to learning in general, then I can say that my recollections are that whilst these involve hard work, I don’t recall them necessarily being painful.  Indeed, I find myself wondering if we recognise these lessons at the time, or if it is only with hindsight that they stand out?

Or perhaps I’m more stupid that, maybe I learn them, have a blinding moment of clarity and then promptly forget… it’ll the next “OUCH”.  What is your experience??

“Challenges make life interesting, however, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”  Mark Twain

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”   Robert Byrne

“Life is sexually transmitted and always fatal.”

“Best thing about life – its never so bad that it can’t get worse.”

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8 Responses to “Life Lessons?”

  1. From boarding school when very young – I learned to be self sufficient

    From Networking – there are many many more takers than givers out there

    From business especially sales – people believe that its perfectly OK to lie through their teeth if it suits their purpose

    From my heart operation – there are some fabulous supporters out there who really appreciate and support me even if I hadn’t realised it

    From ignoring my parents – its sometimes OK to stop at satisfactory rather than trying for perfect all the time

    From listening to my parents – education is massively important and ultimately what sets you free

    From Education – Real education is firstly unending and doesn’t just happen at school. Its also your own responsibility to advance it. If others do, its a bonus, thank them!

    From religion – there is no, one, unique, way to God and anyone who says there is has an agenda which may not suit your needs.

    In general:

    We are all different – live with it

    There are no such things as rights. only the concessions hard won for us by others. We do however have duties and obligations whether we admit it or not so getting a handle on that good and early is, IMHO, a good idea.

    We are all responsible for the path we take and any consequences deriving and owning that is the mark of real people IMHO.

    Will that do Richard?

  2. And…. The Argentine tango is way harder to learn than one thinks but worthwhile things frequently are.

  3. Thanks Maurice… loved these they are perfect

  4. Confusing ones ‘self ‘with ones ‘role(s)’ is firstly, ultimately pointless, and secondly, dangerous to your health and well being in ther long term however seductive it may seem at the time.

  5. Juanita says:

    I think that life lessons seem painful at the time but over time, in our recall of the lesson, the pain has lessened.

    It is hard to learn, to truly learn and apply our lessons. That is why so many do not bother and continue to live their lives in what they see as comfortable: It is sometimes the better the devil you know…

  6. Thanks Juanita… I think that this is very true.. but as we know the Devil we know … is still the Devil.. or maybe our Devil?

  7. Anna Figiel says:

    About myself I have learned ..

    That I am not defined by my career choice, my role, my job title or my company perks (when I used to have those!)
    That something positive awaits on the other side of uncertainty and adversity

    About others I have learned (sadly) ..

    That self-interest and hidden agendas are more potent than loyalty
    In sales, the more time and effort a potential customer demands, the less likely they are to buy from you (and the more you put yourself out for them the less appreciation you will get
    ). This thanks to a hairdresser in Nottingham whose behaviour in 1984 started this theory of mine, which has since been frequently reconfirmed.

    Notwithstanding some wonderful, lovely people in my life who are worthy of love, trust and 100% from me.


  8. Thanks Anna, though some of them sadden me a little….

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