Transformative thinking – 4

Everybody thinks they are unique and alone

Clearly in one sense this must be true, but we have only our own view of the world and we are the sole inhabitant of our little cerebral desert island.  We therefore tend at times to feel our problems are similarly unique and compellingly important and of course, neither of these are true.  It can feel very overwhelming and isolating when we look at others who seem to manage without all this turmoil.  Social media always paints a glossy representation of good times and successes that others are enjoying.  No one posts pictures of their failures and fears.  Recognising that trying to live up to these false images of others lives is doomed to failure helps us be much more realistic in what we demand of ourselves and out lives. 

Equally recognising that others can struggle, feel small and powerless is an opportunity for us to reach out a helping hand and build bridges to other neighbouring islands. 

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