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Fry & Laurie–more communication lessons from comedy

Monday, February 7th, 2011

This lovely sketch is so funny because there isn’t one but two parallel conversations going on.  Here it is full of fabulous double entendre and laughs, but in real life it is usually far less obvious and the impact is often not in the least bit funny.

I talked elsewhere in this mini-series of communication lessons about how we hate to be wrong, and often we will sense that we have missed something that the other person has said, or at least not fully understood them.  They might say something like “You know Mr Wilberforce..” and we don’t but we don’t like to admit it, or interrupt them and we hope it is either unimportant or we might catch-up with them later.  Sometimes this works fine, but when it is important, you really need to clarify that you are both on the same page and both singing from the same song sheet,

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