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No particular place to go…

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

I’ve been been spending much more time at home since I had to stop driving (and that is no surprise) and with that that there has been a certain withdrawal, a bit like the trees withdrawing the sap from their leaves before they drop them in the autumn.  This may just be par for the course in the grieving process… I don’t know.  It feels kind of appropriate.  However, whilst I have been getting out and doing stuff, I have noticed that there are times when ‘out’ feels different and maybe less safe.  I don’t know if this is just part and parcel of the withdrawing process or something deeper.  

It is interesting to observe how what we feel changes our experience or reality; it transforms the world into a safer (or less safe) place.  It can equally transform a situation from challenge to threat or how we feel about a person.  In short, our internal feelings shape the world we live in.  I know some people say that we can therefore control our experiences by controlling our feelings.  I can’t say this has ever been my experience and I’m therefore somewhat cynical about this aspect of things.  What is clear is that so called ‘Reality’ is a lot more fluid that we might expect.

Something happens and our viewpoint changes and suddenly we not only see but experience our worlds differently.   So perhaps the best way to change our worlds is to put ourselves in new and different places.