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» Values & Philosophy

Life Lessons?

I’m not sure if I have any answers today, only a question “Do all Life Lessons have to be learned painfully?” I’d love to hear your thoughts please. My own memory is selective and so I’m hardly the best point of reference for this kind of thing.  If I think back to learning in general, […][...] read more » Life Lessons?

The Power of Love

I had a fascinating meeting yesterday with someone who is researching the impact and power of love in businesses, and today I was listening to a spokesperson for The Campaign to End Loneliness, which is apparently as deadly a killer as smoking or obesity.  It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see the link […][...] read more » The Power of Love

The Power of Love 2

Serendipity brought this to me today after today’s blog on the Power of Love and this just seemed to say the same thing “This is a video of street singers from around the world being recorded, overlaid and mixed with one another while singing the song “Stand By Me”.It is a marvel to listen to […][...] read more » The Power of Love 2

Two little boys…

A friend sent me this story about her boys playing in the snow in Canada, and said it had made her think of me. “The boys were building a snow fort while under siege. Their walls kept collapsing under enemy fire, but they rebuilt and ducked and rebuilt again. They were persistent, till they reached […][...] read more » Two little boys…

Trying to Read the Runes

I know people take very different views about this kind of thing but I try to understand the meaning behind the patterns I perceive in my life.  I know you can say it is all just random, and it maybe so, but I think the Universe has a way of communicating with us and not […][...] read more » Trying to Read the Runes

The Wheel of the Heavens

This wonderful photo is the result of leaving the lens open on a camera set to a very long exposure and shows the movement of the stars relative to Earth (or more accurately the opposite.)  It kind of reminds me that we are part of giant system and it keeps going round and round whatever […][...] read more » The Wheel of the Heavens

A Personal Update: Role and Identity… which comes first?

I was writing to a friend today and sharing some thoughts on the difficulty of breaking out of my virtual ‘egg’ and starting over.  What am I meant to be doing with my time and my life these days?  Who am I now that I’m no longer half a partnership.  Like all parents, we had […][...] read more » A Personal Update: Role and Identity… which comes first?

Winter Seeds

At this time of year the earth nurtures the seeds that were formed in the autumn.  They sit there waiting for their time to come; when the soil warms up and Nature tells them that it is time to begin.  These tiny packages of potential were created full of purpose and only wait their opportunity […][...] read more » Winter Seeds

It is worth asking for what you want

Regular readers will remember that we had the kitchens in Cook Towers refurbished some time ago, and this was accompanied by a wholesale  replacement of our pots, pans etc.  Much to the chef’s dismay, we discovered that both sets of new pans have started to lose their coating /surface.  It caused some distress as we […][...] read more » It is worth asking for what you want

Mary Schmich’s "Wear Sunscreen Speech"

This speech was written by Mary Schmich and published in the Chicago News Tribune in 1997, but is often falsely attributed to Kurt Vonnegut as the MIT commencement speech in that same year.  I thought it was worth reproducing as there is just a chance my kids will read it and benefit from Mary’s wisdom:- […][...] read more » Mary Schmich’s "Wear Sunscreen Speech"