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Vodafone & O2 finally cooperate over 4g network

Friday, June 8th, 2012

As predicted on this blog 3 years ago, today Vodafone and Telefónica UK (O2’s owner) announced their plans to jointly roll out a shared 4G network.  Vodafone will run the masts on the west of the country and O2 those on the east.  It should mean a 40% increase in sites for each operator, and directly benefit the users.

The cost of creating this new platform has forced two huge companies to change the way they operate and reframe their view of the market.


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No mobile signal at home? Try the Vodafone Access Gateway (now called Sure Signal)

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

For those of you who like us have a poor or non-existent mobile signal in your home, here is a possible solution, if you use Vodafone.  They have now released a box that acts like your wireless router, and plugs into that router.  It connects to your 3G phone and sends the signal out via your broadband network to the Vodafone system.  It effectively acts like a mini-mast in your home.  It is in fact a femtocell, and the first one on general release here.  If you are taking out a new contract or renewing you may get it for free; I had to pay £5pm for 18 months, but the online cash price is £160.  Vodafone, (and every other mobile operator) ought to be giving these away for free, but, if like me you are fed up with not being able to use your phone in your home, it may seem a great investment.  Doubtless in a year or so they will come up with one box that does both jobs for you and it will be a great way to hook us to buying our mobile and broadband services from a single supplier.

It arrived yesterday at around 9am, and I had hooked it up to the mains and the router in about 60 seconds; I then logged onto the Vodafone site to register its serial number with our mobile phone numbers, this took less than 5 minutes.  They warn it can take up to 24 hours to get the Gateway to see the internet, and to my disappointment, it actually did.  However this was more than made up for when I saw in the morning I had a full 3G signal in a room where I never got more than 2 bars on GPRS.

I’ll report back with any further news but I suspect it is just that simple.  I suspect we’ll save the cost of the additional rental on not making calls to mobiles from our home phone.

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O2 & Vodafone to co-operate

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

In an, at first unlikely, deal Britain’s two largest mobile phone companies have agreed to co-operate under a network pooling deal.  This will allow them to merge their infrastructure and co-build new sites, thus reducing costs to their customers.

Whilst the two brands and networks will be independently managed this will enable them to improve services and potentially reduce costs.  It is exactly this kind of reframing that we need in today’s market place.  They are able to compete on tariffs, service levels, customer service and branding.  As customers we don’t care about the underlying hardware as long as it works well!

Changing the terms on which we compete is one of the recipes for succeeding going forward.

“The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.”    Bertrand Russell